Why Us?

Videos of various exercises will be playing continuously throughout the day on large screen TV’s around the gym. The videos will provide workout ideas, inspiration and techniques for those who need help mixing up their workout routines. These videos will ensure you always have fresh workout ideas and inspiration.
We offer a range of unusual gym equipment which will help you burn tons of calories.
Bootcamp classes – With our gold membership you will have access to unlimited classes which will be held at both the gym and at North London Business Park. Fitblitz bootcamp classes have been running for many years and consist of a fun team of people all helping each other reach their weight and fitness goals.
Fitblitz works with a local caterer to provide personalized healthy food options for those who don’t have time to prepare their meals. They can be ordered to your own specifications and can be collected from the gym at your convenience.
– Fitblitz gym believes in the importance of physical activity for children. For this reason we offer after school kid’s bootcamp classes for children between the ages of 10-15 years old. Classes will be held 3 days a week between 4pm – 4.45pm.
Fitblitz provides a friendly atmosphere with friendly staff who care about your results. You are not just a number, your results matter to us and we will help you every step of the way.
Upon signing up, you will get to sit with an experienced personal trainer to help you put together a nutrition plan and give you training advice and tips.
Your gym membership can be cancelled at any time with just 60 days’ notice.
All members will have access to our shower facilities, changing rooms and lockers.